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Episode 22 - Beautiful Watercolour Chaos in Comics (w/ Jennie Gyllblad)

August 17th, 2020

We are BACK, apologies for the hiatus.  After a few months of silence, we have an inspiring new episode with a spectacular energetic guest, Swedish indie comic creator Jennie Gyllblad.  We dive into Jennie's experiences of becoming an indie comic creator in the UK after finishing her illustration degree in Bristol.  We discuss our first tries at networking in a creative industry and how maybe the environment can be broadened.  We discuss Jennie's new kickstarter, 'Man & Angels' - A Sci-Fi Fairytale Comic, and how she has brought some of her existing audience and finding new ones through Twitch art streams. As well as a look at the beginnings of the 'Association of Comic Creators' (AoCC) which is dedicated to fostering a comics culture that supports and uplifts creators.  All this and much more on this epic episode!



PTSD - Guillaume Singelin (Comic)



Jennie: @JennieGyllblad

Bry: @Flurishingquirk

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