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Episode 19 - New Comics from Zara and Bry!

October 1st, 2019

Hey folks! Did you miss us? This month Gemma joins Zara and Bry to ask them about their exciting new comics currently in the works!

Zara introduces her first longer-form comic for her original characters Rei and Roy (you might recognise them from their debut in Roy & Rei get Ice-cream in our anthology and also a mini zine Roy & Rei and the Rage Demon!), this time you can expect plenty of fairground shenanigans with Roy & Rei at the Fair!

Bry tells us more about her origin fantasy story featuring a young girl Yfa who is growing into her magic summoning horns, but with one problem; no magic! Look out for her working title, The Silent Horns!

You can expect both of these comics to debut at the Thoughtbubble Comic Art Festival in Harrogate this 9-10th November! Look out for Wine and Zine's table there and we'll happily talk to you about our new wares!

Also coming soon is an educational and fun zine project from Claire with a refreshing look at animals that society mislabels as 'vermin', check back soon for more!

Apologies for poor sound quality this episode, we had a rather echo-y room to deal with!

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The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance (Netflix) 

Fruits Basket (2019) (Crunchyroll)



Zara: @ZaraZukinee

Gemma: @Amberdusty

Bry: @FlurishingQuirk

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