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Episode 18 - Marvel Bants w/ Stacey Taylor

August 5th, 2019

This month Bry is joined by Stacey Taylor from 'Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour' to discuss the Marvel studios takeover of Hollywood. With 'Phase 3' over, how much longer is their formula for success going to stretch before we all suffer from an epic case of superhero fatigue? We look at what paved the road for Marvel-madness, which started with a humble movie about a man in an iron suit, to become the purveyors of the most movies with a connected narrative ever made. Is there an end in sight, or has Marvel changed the face of modern popular cinema forever? 



Valerie by Rebecca Reynolds



Stacey Taylor: @StaceysParlour



Bry: @FlurishingQuirk

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