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Episode 14 - Jack Of All Creative Trades (w/ Luke Hyde)

April 1st, 2019

 Hold tight to your seats, folks, 'cause Wine & Zine are changing the face of podcasting with this groundbreaking new concept - guests!

In today's episode, Bry talks to Luke Hyde, a prolific artist with his fingers in a whole bunch of creative careers. They cover the gamut from pitching animated TV shows, to creating a Twitter poll based comic, to designing your own video game as a new parent. Oh, and if that wasn't enough deliciously dense creative talk for you, just wait 'til after the credits to hear another of Luke's seemingly endless talents.



The Art of Heikala (Art Book) by Heikala

Moonstruck (Comic) by Shae Beagle & Grace Ellis



Luke Hyde: @LukeHyde



Bry: @FlurishingQuirk

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