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Episode 13 - Arts Education

March 1st, 2019

Gemma and Zara reflect on their experiences in early education and how they found their creative voices in school, with perspectives from home education and mainstream school. The girls relive their mutual childhood dream jobs of being a vet or a farmer's wife (yes, not the farmer), their love for arty things and how it led them both to Newport University (and Yale College, Wrexham), where the WaZ collective was obviously destined to meet.

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My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness by Kabi Nagata (East Press/Seven Seas Entertainment)

Pyong Yang: a Journey in North Korea by Guy Delisle

Zara's original 'featured favourite' experienced some audio issues so we're just gonna squeeze it right up in here!

"So I am recommending “Pyong Yang: a Journey in North Korea by Guy Delisle”. When I am not reading BL/MLM comics I am a sucker for biogeographical comics. Guy Delisle is an animator who has created a series of comics based on his experience as an animator for various studios around the world. The series is an interesting insight into different cultures and animation jobs he comes across."



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Zara: @Zarazukinee

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