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Episode 1 - What is Wine and Zine?

June 1st, 2018

Oh, hi there! Meet Claire Spiller and Bryony Evans, your resident hosts of the Wine and Zine podcast (and two-fifths of the collective). 

In our very first episode we'll run you through what the collective is about, who we all are, and what you can expect from us in the future. Every month we'll be discussing something to do with the world of comics, zines, movies, TV and games, particularly in the realm of their creation and art processes. Throw in a hefty sprinkle of banter and nonsense, and you've got Wine and Zine all over. So hit subscribe and join in the conversation!

New episodes drop the 1st of every month, with minisodes whenever we feel like it.

Talk to us on Twitter @wineandzine or email us at

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Claire: @claireaspiller 

Bryony: @FlurishingQuirk

Zara: @ZaraZukinee

Jess: @Jesskleslau

Gemma: @Amberdusty

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